Oh dear god...

2015-08-11 19:47:21 by playon999

How long has it been? 5 years? 10? fcuk if I remember. Point is, I'm back in action.

Go CC!

2010-07-04 11:45:10 by playon999

a guy from the clock crew fourms (his username is Pop-Tart Clock) made a flash based on my clock (afro enchilda) look in my favs! thanks Daves Back (former cc name)!

enclosed is a pic of my clock

Go CC!

what am i? (in your opinion)

2010-04-21 20:32:42 by playon999

based on my fav's what group of the following

copy whats past this (ex. [X] clock)

[] clock
[] lock
[] glock
[] uzi
[] other? (if so tell me which; can be made up)


2009-05-27 18:19:15 by playon999

hi everybody i'm playon999